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Learn Chess The Right Way
A champion is made not born

- Michael Jordan

Chess is like a language, the top players are very fluent at it. Talent can be developed scientifically but you have to find first what you are good at.

- Viswanathan Anand

The highest art of the chess player lies in not allowing your opponent to show you what he can do

- Garry Kasparov

To accomplish great things we must dream as well as act

- Anatole France (French Novelist )

Chess Treasure Academy is an online chess academy based in Kochi, India aimed at "moulding budding talents"

Learning Chess the Right Way

We have well structured courses for beginners intermediate and advanced chess players. The classes would be undertaken by experienced Grandmasters. We at Chess Treasure Academy firmly believe in the importance of ‘’learning chess in the right way‘’.

Chess Training from a Qualified Grandmaster Under CTA

Chess training being imparted under a well qualified grandmaster in a structured and disciplined manner brings out the inherent abilities in a child; it taps the real potential of the child if initiated to chess at a tender age.

Educational Benefits of Learning Chess

The educational benefits from learning chess are many; it is thought to improve cognitive skills, inculcates the ability to think logically, improves problem solving skills and it enhances memory retention. Learning chess is not an end in itself. The techniques learned in chess helps in realizing one’s potential in all walks of life.

Skills Acquired Through Learning Chess

Skills acquired through learning chess are innumerable. Some of them are:

  • Problem Solving
  • Abstract Reasoning
  • Decision Making
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Memory Retention
  • Critical Thinking
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Patience
  • Endurance

Moulding Future Champions

We at Chess Treasure Academy (CTA) are committed to churn the best in every student. This enables him to become the future champion of the game of Chess and leader in other academic areas of life by applying the skills acquired from the training.

The Relevance of Learning the Game of Chess

Life in this world is in the process of progression. This is in relation to time and space. In this new scenario we are at the threshold of an advanced society propelled by computers and artificial intelligence.  The life in the present day world is quite dynamic and fluid. In this context, man has to acquire extraordinary abilities to tide over the challenges posed before him.  Here is the relevance of learning the game of chess. The conflict resolution in the modern honey-combed society has remarkable similarities with the challenges one confronts on the chess board. In a sense ‘’chess imitates life or life imitates chess’’.

Our Coaches

Enamul Hossain


He has been a four time champion of Bangladesh. He qualified to the Fide World Cup 2007 from the Asian Continental Championship in Philippines. In the World Cup 2007 he got the better of the then world no 19 Grandmaster Pavel Eljanov. As an accomplished player Grandmaster Enamul has represented Team Bangladesh as many as eleven Chess Olympiads. In the 2016 Chess Olympiad he played against the reigning world champion Magnus Carlsen. Grandmaster Enamul is a highly experienced and knowledgeable chess player. Besides his erudite knowledge in chess his deep understanding of finance/stock markets is impeccable. He has great inter-personal communicative skills and has a command over English language. He is a highly respected grandmaster in chess fraternity.

Roktim Bandyopadhyay

International Master

International Master Roktim Bandyopadhyay is a renowned chess trainer in India. He has deep understanding on chess and has been instrumental in moulding many strong Grandmasters in India. The first student of Roktim had been Grandmaster G.N.Gopal who went on to become a Grandmaster in a span of three years.


Chess Treasure Academy is owned by Gokul, who is a post graduate in Computer Science Engineering (M.Tech). He is presently pursuing Ph.D in Computer Science.

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